Malcolm Deakin

In 2018 we received the sad news of the passing of Sir James De Staniton aka James Hill.

Jim was a founder member of Escafeld and a great friend to us all.

Fly high my Lord

Draw your sword and hold your breath,
Theres a long fight up ahead
Let the fear flood in and drench your blood red
You need it till the last drops in the fight up ahead.
I dont need the love of the king
nor the crowns and thrills of regality.
I am just an ordinary man,
a man of bravery and vitality.
I am the knight of the peasants,
I stand by the victim, the weak, the oppressed,
My blade slays the enemy of the common
Never wins war, nor cast hatred.
A knight becomes a knight
Not with sheets and curves of steel,
A knight gains his title
With a heart of steel
And an idea worth dying for.
“Never lie, even if it leads to your death;
be loyal of hands and mouth
And serve every man as best as you may”.
This is your oath o’ knight
Now, Rise a Knight , a Knight of life

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