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So as an event organiser you will want to know what you can expect when you engage us for your show. The Escafeld Mediaeval Society can provide a range of entertainments tailored to the needs of the event organiser, from small demonstrations, talks and static displays up to a full program of events culminating in the tournament. As well as being a re-enactment society, we also provide a living history display, which gives us the opportunity to both enlighten and educate the public about the early mediaeval period. We try to bring our particular period of history to life and display the lives of our ancestors as authentically as possible.

The Tournament
Lasting for approximately one hour, the tournament (or tourney) is the test of skill and bravery for our knights. Our knights demonstrate mediaeval combat and bring 13th century fighting to life. The tourney, with its contests interspersed by the dancing of the ladies of the court, makes an ideal finale to any event, or even as a show in itself.
Generally not undertaken by the Society unless a tourney has also been arranged, the pre-tourney entertainment is designed as the build up for our main show. Lasting for about an hour, the pre-tourney includes dancing, displays of armour, weapons and fighting techniques together with a range of activities designed for audience participation. The pre-tourney can be easily adapted to cover any area of mediaeval life, and we will endeavour to meet any specific requirements.
As part of our full program the archery display is typically the first event we run. The display combines demonstrations by our archers of the power and accuracy of their weaponry and an informed, light hearted look at the many historical tales ofthese weapons and the men who use them, dispelling many Hollywood myths in to the bargain!
The armour we use is of our period, these include broadsword, axe, mace, shields, great helms, chain mail and many more. Combat is an integral part of the whole experience and many of the weapons mentioned are used in our tournament.
Talks, demonstrations and static displays
In addition to the three main elements of our program we can also provide specific events to meet the requirements of our clients. our displays range over many historical subjects including costume heraldry, weapons and armour, archery, food, herbs and medicine and mediaeval pastimes.
Living History
This display incorporates many skills and crafts from cooking to leather working and arms and armour. A display of period cookery implements and ingredients, ranging from what was available to the lowly serf and food which graced the table of the nobles.
Members of Escafeld have many years experience of providing displays for organisations of all types and sizes from village galas through to larger events and shows at Castles such as Caernarfon, Beaumaris, Denbigh and Flint.
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